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Steering control and driving efficiency – responsible for both are distinct handlebars belonging to different biking categories. Depending on the purpose, those exist in different versions to choose from.

These days, very broad and offset handlebars, which ensure a straight posture and, consequently, ideal control and driving stability, are deployed in the downhill area. Depending on the offset, a more or less straight posture is given. All-mountain and enduro handlebars feature less width and height, to warrant optimal control while maintaining a stretched posture. Like this, you will be able to put enough pressure on the front wheel and not waste any power, especially when going into an uphill passage. Flat handlebars or, respectively, flatbars are usually found in the cross-country area. Because of the athletic and flat sitting posture, you will have more pressure on the mountain and speedy trails. Road bike handlebars are low cut to facilitate a very stretched and sporty posture, which offers little attack surface to the wind.