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E-Citybike (City-Pedelec): Getting from A to B quickly and not soaked in sweat. Because of their frames with mostly low entrance, these bikes are both convenient and comfortable - it also serves to make ascension and descent easier. This conveys security, especially with a heavy shopping basket on the porter. The posture on these bikes is upright and with a good overview for quickly moving urban traffic. Thanks to additional support and full equpment, nothing stands in the way of a cosy weekend trip.

E-Trekking (Trekking-Pedelec):Sporty, resilient and suitably equipped for everyday life, with a reasonable transmission, up to 30 gears and and decent additional support. Mostly, these E-bikes are fitted with 28 inch wheels, a lighting system and porter. E-Trekkingbikes are allrounders and open up entirely new possibilities. It doesnt matter if playful trip or sporty excursion - these bikes are just fun.
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