The history of bunnyhop

Born from an idea, bunnyhop began on an area of 50 sq m with an opening time of merely 3 hours. Over the course of years, it developed into a highly productive venture of the bicycle-sector.

In 1991, we realised our concept of a small, innovative bike shop. At first, our goal was to to offer athletically orientated bikers a service which couldn´t be found in the region to date. Our commitment was quickly rewarded with many loyal customers. Thus, the "Small store" with constrained opening times was rapidly stretched to it´s limits.

An opportunity arose to expand the facilities at the site Berliner Platz 1a, Hameln - at the same time, the opening hours were adjusted and the first employee was hired.

In the following years, the store developed into a full-range provider which supplies it´s customers with everything around the bike - and when something happens to not be in our stock, we order it without further ado. Our onlineshop was launched in 2006 and expanded quickly, even in this difficult market segment. Further staff was hired and the premises extended. Before a bike gets dispatched, it is fully assembled, checked by another employee and test-driven. Only then it gets packed for the final customer.

Because stagnation means regression, we opened up our E-bike center in 2011, in the Gertrudenstr. 7 in Hameln. Here, there is enough space to present the broad range of goods of the respective manufacturers clearly and completely. Consequently, the course is set for future products and innovation.

Meanwhile, we present our products on an exhibition area of approximately 700 sq m. To deal with all customer wishes quickly and competently, 22 staff members are currently employed in the mercantile respectively mechanical division. A competetive specialized trade with a wide product range arose, which caters to the needs of competitive sportsmen and amateur bikers alike.

A new internet presence was launched in october of 2014. Not only the design, but also the menu navigation and, thus, user-friendliness were adjusted to today´s requirements. Our focus is on quality products, technical expertise and capable consulting as well as excellent service. Also, we are a training company in the mechanical and mercantile sector. Furthermore, we see it as a part of our responsibility to give young and dedicated talents the possibility to live their sport extensively. You can find pictures of the last years here