About Cannondale


Cannondale is setting new standards when it comes to bikes!

Due to the high quality and constant innovations, this manufacturer can afford to provide a lifetime warranty for its frames (From which only a few models are exempt) Since 2008, Cannondale continues to deploy its own engineering-knowledge under the direction of the Cycling Sports Group, with the production of aluminium- and carbon frames now mostly taking place to Taiwan. In 2010, a collaboration with the Robert Bosch GmbH has been established to further the development of E-bikes. Ever since then,Cannondale E-bikes are fitted with a Bosch high-performance drive.

As every year, Cannondale convinces with a wide range of world-class mountain bikes - like 29ers, racing-cycles and various bikes for everyday use. For the higher-quality models, Cannondale relies more and more on carbon as the material of choice and manages to set new standards in terms of weight-optimisation and technical innovation again and again.. For example, the Cannondale Bike "Super Six Evo Ultimate 2012" was chosen as one of the best racing-cycles by a number of journals.The Cannondale bike "Supersix EVO" was even awarded "Best bike in the world" by the german "Tour Magazin" in mid march 2012. With the development of the Lefty, Cannondale managed to build the lightest and stiffest fork. Another technique coming from the heads behind cannondale is "SAVE". This technique employs a specially formed tube inside the frame to reduce vibration to a minimum.

Cannondale was founded in 1971 in Bedford. The company grew rapidly during its first years and supplemented its product range with bicycle clothing and accessories, quickly building up a reputation of quality and innovation. This reputation has been invaluable, as Cannondale introduced its first bike to the market in 1983 - a touring model. It was followed by a racing-cycle and a mountain-bike model in 1984. Cannondale opened the cycling world's eyes as they began the construction of aluminium frames that were lighter and stronger than the steel models of the competitors at this time. Cannondale's renown quickly overcame the skepticism of industry, dealers and customers alike and cleared the way for them to become one of the leading manufacturers of high-end bicycles, which they remain to this day. Today, Cannondale sells over 80 different models in 70 countries across the globe.