About GT


GT bikes lead professionals to success!

GT stands for Gary Turner, who founded GT bicycles together with Richard Long over 30 years ago. He was inspired by his son, who discovered his passion for the BMX Sport. The bikes were a little heavy back then - a fact Gary Turner wanted to change. And thus, GT Bicycles was born.

While his partner Richard Long was especially responsible for the business side, Gary worked at the continouus development of high-end and especially light BMX bikes. his work not only convinced his son, but also an increasing number of fans of the action-packed bike sport. An unprecedented story of success began: Soon renowned athletes discovered GT Bicycles BMX bikes for themselves.

GT Bicycles also benefited from their experience in the field of BMX in building a new division, the mountain bikes. Renowned cyclists like July Furtado, Rishi Grewal and Nicolas Vouilloz achieved considerable success on GT bikes. To this day, the wheels of GT Bicycles lead known professional bikers to victory. All this was made possible by the intensive research and product development of GT Bicycles.

The company has already brought forth numerous innovations and continouusly improved its products since its inception.Only this enables GT Bicycles to maintain its place among the world's most successful bike manufacturers for years - because professional riders need a bike on which they can rely in any situation. Therefore, high quality standards, as they are self-evident at GT Bicycles, are of enormous significance. Anyone looking for a quality bike able to withstand very high stress levels and with a long service life is looking in the right place at GT Bicycles - which is proven by the brands success.