About Scott


Scott bikes are developing continuously from year to year!

With the Scott “Genius”, which the company presented in 2003, Scott created a completely new fully concept, offering three different options to adjust your bike shock settings. This bike, similarly to the “Endorphin”, triggered a wave of success. 2011 was the year of new models!

The new Scott Scale boasts a frame which tips the scale at less than 899 grams, thus again establishing a lightweight construction record.

Not only the mountainbike, but also the road bike sector is one of the leading and innovative divisions from the house of Scott. The absolute flagship road bike is the “Foil Premium”, which weighs in at incredible 6,7 kg – which means you need the according pedals to even start in an official competition! Apart from numerous sports-bikes, in 2011 Scott launched their first line of e-bikes in cooperation with Bosch to attend to the lifestyle- and everyday life branches.

It all started more than 50 years ago with ski poles – meanwhile, Scott has become a figurehead for performance on all levels of bike sports. Even though the date of founding of Scott lies in 1958, the first mountainbike was produced in 1986. Ever since this moment, Scott has been working continuously on cutting-edge developments in bike sports. Six years after, the first fullsuspension MTB from the house of Scott followed. Another three years later, the very first mountainbike made of carbon was presented to the world. Thanks to the many World cup- and Olympic victorys made on this bike wrought entirely from carbon, the name “Endorphin” became a cycling sports legend. Then as now, Scott establishes new records in terms of lightweight construction every year - whether it is with the Triathlon-bike “Plasma” or the hardtail-bike “Scale”.